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Meta Coaching Mastery- 2024

Exclusive Training Program that will UPGRADE your life


The only program that certifies you
with 3 international certificates!

2 month express class of distant learning via Zoom from the comfort of your own home!
NOW available in English and Hebrew!


The Neuro Connection
Learn the coding system behind everything


Become a language expert and learn the power of words!

Family Playing Cricket

Be the cause!
Learn how to take charge of your life so you can live a better  life!

Create something amazing.
Change your life forever!

This training will guide you step-by-step in how to consistently make great things happen in your life.
Reach the Top
  • Find out how to discover the answers to what is holding you back

  • Find out how to unleash your self-confidence and full potential!

  • Learn tools to motivate you and keep you motivated!

  • Learn the most innovative tools used in personal growth coaching And much more!! Many people interested in attending an NLP Practitioner Certification Training have the strong desire to become proficient in NLP techniques, so they can take their life and career to a whole new level of results. They also want to learn tools that can assist them to help others realize their full potential. They likewise have the desire to give back to those who are searching for better futures, just like they once were. And they want to do it fast!

We know this question arrises "Can I take an NLP Practitioner Training course in just 4 months?” Now you CAN! available through ZOOM or in person.

Finally, available in both languages Hebrew and English!



What if I told you this is the most important information you will ever learn in your life? What if I told you life isn't going to be the same after this training? Sounds big right? I guarantee that after your learn these principles, everything in your life is going to change! People report of different results based on their learning and experiences but there is one thing that i keep hearing over and over again is how come they don't teach this at schools???

The power of your mind is UNLIMITED, which means that you are unlimited! You can set your mind to achieve any goal that you wish to achieve!
Iam passionate about helping you learn and apply this to your life!

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure!”

-Marrianne Williamson-

Join us this winter for a life changing

experience of 15 weeks, in a small group

setting and in your own language! We are

excited to announce the dates of this final class

of 2024!


February 13th , 2024 Tuesdays 5:30PM-9PM



Classes will be held in MindMasters Academy,

Hallandale Beach, Florida.

You can attend in person or via zoom. in order

to get certified you will have to attend 80% of

the classes live! (Via zoom or in person).

All written materials and powerpoint are in

English and translated into Hebrew if you need.

Simply ask us for it and you shall receive both!

Tuition to be paid in full by the end of the

certification program. Payment plans are


Happy Girl

“The best decision I have took in my life was to

invest in myself and sign up for this class! Not

knowing where this will lead me, I’m so glad I

took this decision because it has changed my

life! I’m healthier than ever before and finally

aware of the Unconscious program that was in

charge of my successes and failures!”

-Andrea Coyne, FL

For more information 

Come with me on a journey that will change your life, send me your details and I will contact you as soon as possible!

Thanks for submitting!

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