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Meta Coaching Mastery™

The Meta Coaching Mastery program is an exclusive

16-week certification training with 3 certifications:

  • NLP Practitioner

  • Time Line Therapy Practitioner

  • Certified Professional Life Coach

About Us


Mind Masters Academy 

Mind Masters Academy will guide you step-by-step in how to make great things happen in your life consistently. It is the only program that certifies you with 3 different international certificates. By the end of the 4-month training, you will:

  • Discover the answers to what is holding you back

  • Unleash your self-confidence and full potential

  • Learn the tools to motivate you and keep you motivated

  • Acquire the most innovative tools used in personal growth coaching 

People interested in attending an NLP Practitioner Certification Training have a strong desire to become proficient in NLP techniques so that they can take their life and career to a whole new level of results. Likewise, they have the passion for giving back to those searching for better futures, just like they once were, and apply it effectively and most efficiently. 

More about the training:

  • The course consists of 4 months distant and live learning in an intimate environment

  • The class is met once a week through Zoom

  • Course can be offered in English and Hebrew 


Iris Levy, June '21 graduate

The best gift to give to yourself learning with Moran was a fantastic experience that gave me tools to change my life and anyone’s life. It was swift and effective and easy. I am very thankful. I highly recommend it. This experience opens all the doors for you. Thank you Moran, you are the best!

Why Choose Meta 

Andrea Coyne, Feb '20 graduate

The Meta Coaching Mastery was one of the best training I’ve ever had! Moran is an excellent teacher who gives powerful insights and empowers you to think out of the box! I’m 72 and have gone through many programs in my life, and I must say this was the one I felt most understood, listened to, and guided in a professional direction! This is an intimate class, and you can open up and work on real issues! I highly recommend it!

Inbar Globerson, Feb '20 graduate

I came to this class because I wanted to take charge of my life and figure out a way to start my own business. My passion was always helping others in their relationships and sexuality. This training gave me the proper structure to work with different people and connect to them personally! I have opened my own business and now working with loads of people thanks to the tools that I got!

Get Ready to Change Your Life with Mind Masters Academy

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