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Our Upcoming Events

The main goal of our events is to help as many people as we can, one person at a time.

Together we can change ourselves, then impact our families, our co-workers, employees, neighbors, friends, communities, cities, states, countries and finally make a difference in the world.

Come and join me at one of our events. Connect with yourself and make a significant change along the way!

Yoga Group

Retreat Colombia 2024 

Colombia 2024 | A fabulous way to start the year! 

Retreat Dates: January 31st to February 4th

Location: Armenia, Colombia - a paradise for nurturing your body and soul.

Focus: Yoga, Meditation and healing activation of our minds and bodies 

Full Moon Yogitation

Live Beach event

Tue, Dec 26 |  hollywood beach

Coach Mulan & Omechaye


The details will be updated soon!


Details will be updated soon!

Miami , FL

The details will be updated soon!

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