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What if I told you this is the most important information you will ever learn in your life? What if I told you life isn't going to be the same after this training? Sounds big, right? I guarantee that after you learn these principles, everything in your life is going to change! People report different results based on their learning and experiences, but there is one thing that I keep hearing over and over again is how come they don't teach this at schools?

The power of your mind is unlimited, which means that you are unlimited! You can set your mind to achieve any goal that you wish to achieve!

I am passionate about helping you learn and apply this to your life!

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Our best training program that will UPGRADE your life!

The only program that certifies you with 3 international certificates:

Support Group

NLP Practitioner

The fastest growing field, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming

Happy Traveler

Time Line Therapy Practitioner

PTSD and negative emotion release

Holding Hands

Certified Professional Life Coach

Holistic approach to coaching individuals

Create something amazing.
Change your life forever!

This training will guide you step-by-step on how to consistently make great things happen in your life. Find out how to discover the answers to what is holding you back.
Find out how to unleash your self-confidence and full potential! Learn tools to motivate you and keep you motivated! Learn the most innovative tools used in personal growth coaching and much more!


Many people interested in attending an NLP Practitioner Certification Training have the strong desire to become proficient in NLP techniques so they can take their lives and careers to a whole new level of results. They also want to learn tools that can assist them in helping others realize their full potential. They likewise have the desire to give back to those who are searching for better futures, just like they once were. And they want to do it fast! We know this question arises:

"Can I take an NLP Practitioner Training course in just 4 months?” Now you CAN! available through Zoom or in person. Finally, available in both languages, Hebrew and English!

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Introducing a Speaker

Whether you are a corporation, organization, business, school, hospital, nonprofit, or government agency, our goal is to bring the neuroscience of personal change to individuals, teams, and organizations around the globe through a network of Certified NeuroChangeSolutions Consultants.

Every year, organizations invest billions in new training that fails to produce the desired results. Why? The primary reason is a misunderstanding of how to produce sustained change. Change requires altering neuropathways in the brain. The neuroplastic nature of our brains allows us to learn new ways to think, act, feel, and be in the world.

Learning new information is the first step in enabling a new way of thinking — a new mindset.

But it’s not enough to just learn new information. By thinking and acting in different ways, new choices appear that we may not have recognized previously. With these new choices comes new ways to act and behave. This, in turn, opens us up to new experiences. The end product of any experience is an emotion. To produce lasting change, therefore, we must engage the emotions that — until now — have shaped our lives, and connect new emotions with new experiences. The result? We are able to step into a new future.

The Change Your Mind…Create New Results program is designed to engage and involve participants through various teaching modalities including individual and group activities, videos, skills practice, and direct application for key learning takeaways.

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Life coaching

Embark on a transformative journey tailored specifically to you with our 1 on 1 Breakthrough sessions in the picturesque setting of Hallandale Beach. Designed to guide you towards growth, empowerment, and lasting change, these sessions offer a profound exploration of self-discovery and personal development.

In these sessions, you'll delve deep into your aspirations, challenges, and potential, supported by our experienced life coach in a safe and nurturing environment. Through insightful conversations, powerful exercises, and proven techniques, you'll gain clarity on your goals, identify limiting beliefs, and develop strategies to overcome obstacles.

Located amidst the tranquil beauty of North Miami Beach, our sessions provide the ideal backdrop for reflection, inspiration, and rejuvenation. Surrounded by nature's serenity, you'll find yourself motivated to embrace new possibilities and pursue your dreams with renewed vigor.

At the conclusion of your session, you'll emerge with newfound insights, confidence, and resilience, ready to navigate life's challenges with grace and authenticity. Whether you're seeking personal growth, career advancement, or improved relationships, our 1 on 1 Breakthrough sessions are your gateway to a brighter future filled with purpose and fulfillment.

Take the first step towards unlocking your full potential and schedule your Breakthrough session today. Your journey towards transformation awaits in North Miami Beach.

In the Classroom



Welcome to our exclusive 1 on 1 Coaching program, dedicated to nurturing your child's growth, confidence, and potential. Situated in the vibrant hub of Hallandale Beach, our program offers a unique and intensive process designed to unlock your child's innate talents and empower them to thrive in all aspects of life.

Through personalized sessions tailored specifically to your child's needs, our experienced coaches provide unwavering support, guidance, and encouragement, ensuring that every child receives the individual attention and tools they need to succeed. Whether your child is facing academic challenges, struggling with self-esteem, or seeking personal development, our program guarantees results.

Our commitment to your child's success is unwavering, with a 100% success rate once enrolled in our program. With weekly meetings at our office in Miami Beach and online support for continuous progress, we ensure that your child receives consistent guidance and reinforcement on their journey towards self-discovery and growth.

Within just two weeks of starting the program, you'll begin to notice a remarkable difference in your child's confidence, motivation, and overall well-being. From improved academic performance to enhanced social skills and self-assurance, our program equips your child with the tools and mindset to thrive in today's world.

Invest in your child's future and enroll them in our 1 on 1 Coaching program today. Together, let's unlock their full potential and watch them blossom into the best, most confident version of themselves.




Embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner transformation as you explore the profound practice of meditation. In a world filled with noise and distraction, meditation offers a sanctuary of stillness and tranquility—a space where you can reconnect with your true essence and cultivate a sense of inner peace and clarity.

Through the simple yet powerful act of meditation, you'll learn to quiet the chatter of the mind, release tension and stress, and enter into a state of deep relaxation and mindfulness. As you settle into the present moment, you'll become more attuned to your thoughts, emotions, and sensations, gaining greater insight into the workings of your inner world.

With regular practice, meditation can have profound effects on your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. It can help reduce anxiety and depression, improve concentration and focus, and enhance overall resilience to life's challenges. Moreover, meditation has been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, boost immune function, and promote a sense of overall vitality and well-being.

But meditation is more than just a relaxation technique—it's a doorway to higher states of consciousness and spiritual awakening. As you deepen your practice, you may experience moments of profound insight, expanded awareness, and a deep sense of connection to the universe and all living beings.

Whether you're a beginner or seasoned practitioner, there are countless paths to explore on your meditation journey. From guided mindfulness exercises to silent retreats, from breathwork techniques to mantra meditation, there's a practice that's perfectly suited to your unique needs and preferences.

So why wait? Take the first step towards inner peace and clarity today. Set aside a few moments each day to sit in stillness and silence, and watch as the magic of meditation unfolds within you. Your journey towards self-discovery and transformation begins now.

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