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Why IRMA is the best thing that happened to Florida in the past decade! If someone would have seen me last week he would thing i have gone bananas and wouldn’t recognize my happy bubbly personality. The level of anxiety and stress around the area was so high that you could barely speak about anything rather than trying to figure out how to handle the bad news of a category 5 hurricane about to hit our hometown. As a coach and a therapist I help people overcome anxiety and stress and often times i see their pain as they create an unreal picture in their mind of how they are about to die and be left alone in a lurch. I often try to relate and sneak inside their brain so I can help them in the best possible way. I never could have really understand what it’s like until i experienced his real fear last weekend when IRMA seemed to be getting closer and closer to destroy everything we knew about Miami. I have received about 5000 phone calls from friends and acquaintances who were worried about the outcome of this storm and urged me to leave and go someplace safe. Luckily i listened to my internal Israeli combat voice who whispered “stay” so i did…  these 72 hours i was crunched at the same house with my parents, twin sister, her hubby, their children, my new date and a big fat cat. If you knew my dad you could have imagined how intense it could have been. I was expecting a real challenge but instead I got to experience something so different! at some point when the power went off we all sat together, away from our phones and CLOSER to each other, almost like my childhood. had to talk to each other, play games and spend real valuable time together! The storm who passed us with the grace of the universe has taught me a lot and i feel it has taught my neighbors a lot as well. something has changed. people are nicer, speaking to one another, CARING about one another and asking about each other’s experiences. I notice that suddenly we have something bigger in common.  It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how many apartments you own, what kind of car you have or what type of business you need to take care of- at the end it all came down to one main thing- the realization we are all ONE. We all have one equal worry- we were worried about our life. the storm made us put technology aside and CONNECT to one another. SHARE with one another and see each other as more human than ever before.  I want to thank the beautiful life for teaching us this lesson, hoping we will stay connected, caring and more empathetic to one another, so that we will remember to appreciate what we have, help people around us and go back to our source and connect to it through one another. May we will always be blessed and take a good care of our environment so we can stay here long enough to tell the wonders and the miracles we are experiencing today.

February 4, 2018

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